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3 Social Media trends you can't afford to miss in 2019

Updated: Nov 6, 2019

This is the fourth month of 2019. I’m sure you have already started trying and testing your social media strategy. Moreover, you have to be on your toes to strive and thrive in this ever-evolving social media world. It is a no brainer to say that people interact according to their mood and behavior. With changing behavior of people, technologies and capabilities of the social media platforms are also changing.

Wondering what they are? Head on and read the significant social media trends are coming straight from the horse’s mouth (read leading experts in the social media)

1. Love, care and nurture your audience

If you don’t show any love to your audience if you don’t care for their needs, how can you expect them to show any loyalty to you? Always keep in mind, in businesses; it is always given and take relationship. In 2019, your top priority should be to cater to your customer’s needs and be responsive to them. Social media marketing is all about building strong, lost lasting relationships.

In 2019, Social media will move more towards 1:1 interaction, rather than 1: many and many brands have been doing so.

2. Storytelling will take a front seat in 2019

Do you know why social media platforms are so widely popular? It is because it allows us to create and consume content at the same time. We can share our live events, experiences and what not with anyone across the globe. We get to narrate our stories through our posts and get to see our activities in a nutshell. Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat are embracing this trend wholeheartedly.

Brand storytelling is becoming popular and opens the doors to show the human side of theirs. This will not only help them give a fantastic experience to their clients but will also entice them to buy your product/service. Storytelling feels personal, thought-invoking, real and immediate. It also demands a mixture of marketing and creative thought process, images, and graphics.

3. Plunge on Ads

If you think investing in social media ads is a waste of time, then you’re mistaken. The ads expenditure increased by 32% in 2018 and more ads are getting produced since then. One out of every four Facebook pages uses paid advertisements as a part of their promotion strategy. However, here the catch is, not any and every ad works.

Being into social media marketing, you need to realize that, your ads should have an optimum mixture of creativity and uniqueness that blends with your brand’s objective, i.e., to sell. Your ad content should be eye catchy, easily digestible and spot on. It should feel like it is coming from your best friend. Each ad should focus on a target audience. Whether you’re catering to teens, adults or elderly— nibble on their interests, demography, jobs, and likings.

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