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Importance of Photography in Business and Branding

Marius Vieth says, “Your most important gear is your eye, heart and soul”. A meaning and a

feeling arises for everything you see. A connection is immediately established between the

viewer and the conveyer. And that’s what makes photography the most trending strategy in

business and branding.

Every day we leaf through various Instagram posts and the only reason for us to be so fixated

on it for hours at a stretch is photography. Photography isn’t about clicking pictures, but how

the photographer’s creativity plays around. The lights, hues and everything captured in the

frame can convey the message quick and easy. A sunlit room would make you feel hopeful,

free and loved. All these could also be reached out through some written content, but text

gives you less engagement as it potentially takes a few minutes to read and understand. While

the images hardly take a millisecond to get the message across loud and clear.

Therefore, different kinds of photography are widely accepted not only as artistry but as a

way to deliver ideas on various platforms. For anyone who wants to build a business or

brand, photography becomes a consistent element in their social media image building. This

of course helps your customers recognise your brand and establish a social media presence,

eventually improving your business and naturally the sales figures too. Qualitative and

consistent imagery is an absolute boost for any brand.

Why quality you ask? Because photography is the perception of what your brand wants to say

to the audience. Once your audience find your content clean, classy which is addressing their

needs, a relationship of trust roots between your brand and the audience. This is exactly how

a target audience is achieved and retained.

Moreover, only a pro photographer can do the job right. Posting an amateur photo would

certainly devalue your brand and so hiring a good professional photographer would be an

ideal investment for the brand’s growth. A good photographer can exactly sketch the whole

idea for your brand starting from brand adjectives, theme, photography angles, blurring,

softening, tints, saturation and lots more. For example, a hand sprinkling some icing sugar

over a chocolate cake adds a human element to the photo. The photographer may want to

place the ingredients used in the cake in the mood board. All these skills take an experienced

creative eye.

Such professional photographs undoubtedly become invaluable assets for you to rank higher

in the search engine results. Good images are visited more often and thus become one of the

SEO optimized elements that make your brand to be found in image results like Google

images. This attracts a newer audience and encourages them to stay longer on your website

bestowing you with a competitive advantage over the brands. In fact, this art can be used for

infinite engagement on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn,

Google My Business and more.

Importance of photography thus goes deep in the branding and business development. You

could be wound up in budget numbers while hiring anyone professional for the concerned but

remember that such kind of creativity roots from a creative and experienced mind. So if you

want to invest in a new brand then invest in good photography that expresses and nurtures

your brand.

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