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Significance of Graphic Design in Business and Branding

Anything artsy and colorful is appealing to our eyes, isn’t it? In fact, our eyes unconsciously hunt and choose to see anything attractive. Moreover, our brain records and recalls such images at times needed. We human beings not only have this impressive ability to like or dislike something but also are capable of creating alluring imagery. Of course, graphic designers are the magicians who can make intelligence visible and understandable to the world at creative ease.

They are true miracle workers who are capable of conveying your brand identity and vision through artistry. The logo being the foremost representative of a brand should be designed efficiently for it speaks who you are and thus forms a connecting bridge between your brand and your customers. Such thoughtful logo designs will obviously make your sales reach higher through various platforms - online and offline. A logo not only works as an ultimate target audience-achieving medium but also boosts the sense of unity and belonging among the employees of the company. They all find a common identity and feel encouraged to work for its betterment.

Thus, people will connect time and again as they keep coming across your logo on the website, office stationery and social media platforms. How do you ask? Well, a graphic designer will be working on several elements for a branding campaign like –

· Logo design

· Stationery Kit Design

· Copyrighting

· Writing slogans

· Packaging

· Advertising design

· Typeface

· Research

· Marketing

All the elements listed above will meet your brand’s need if and only if the brand identity and brand theme is decided. Like mentioned above, logo is the most important aspect of your branding and thus placed on everything that demands your brand’s identity proof. To make the logo eye-catchy the graphic designer uses the theory of color psychology.

Different colors invoke different emotions and urges in a human’s body and mind. Using this theory, a graphic designer sticks to a certain set of colors for a certain type of brand. Like the logo for a fast food joint would comprise of primary colors as they stimulate our taste buds. In addition, each color denotes some quality and leaves a profound effect on the client’s mind. For instance, the most used colors in the real estate logos are blue, black, grey and white as all these colors somehow indicate precision, dependability and stability.

Just like colors, fonts and shapes recall certain thoughts as well. They add elementary beauty to the logo’s personality by giving it name and vision. Only then, the logo becomes informative and approachable. For all this, the graphic designer would ask you a certain set of questions that ask about the gender, age, tone, value, time and energy of your brand. This kind of creativity with consistency and readability kills competition and persuades the customers for better purchases.

If you think that, you could do it yourself instead of hiring a professional, then its time you step out this illusion. Because only a highly creative and experience graphic designer could ask the right set of questions that aim for your brand’s prosperity until the end. Therefore, if you do not want to regret having a bad design then make sure you hire a professional graphic designer for your branding and business.

Just go for it and let you future shine bright on you!

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